Ask About Content Management Systems!

A CMS puts control of your site back into your hands by giving you the ability to easily change, update and add content and features. Both Concrete5 and Joomla are robust and flexible platforms that Snowbound Studios can put to work for you.

Site design and development can mean a lot of things to different people. In general, its all the things that go into making a web site or application. Most projects require a sampling of the different services Snowbound has to offer and we'll help you figure out how to get the job done while working within your budget.

Snowbound Studios has experience building from scratch and fixing old sites or retrofitting them with new features. We can fix bugs, build interfaces, work under the hood or add some polish. There's theme building, form design, database design and custom programming. We create dynamic content, animation, graphic design and page concepts. We help people move their sites, figure out hosting and domain names and we are getting pretty good at translating geek speak to english.

Maybe something we've done sounds like something you need or you have some questions in general. Perhaps you have something a little more outside the box - we'd be glad to hear your ideas and at the very least make some reccomendations. Either way, drop us a line and Snowbound will be glad to help you in whatever way we can.

The Process

There are 4 basic phases most projects move through. This structure helps keep projects on track and people on the same page as everyone knows which direction the project is headed.

  • 1


    I talk to you to learn who you are, who your users will be and what you want to achieve. Its about defining and refining the goals and requirements. An effective end user experience starts with planning and understanding up front, creating a solid foundation on which to build.

  • 2


    Discussion ranges from placement of page elements and custom content layouts to what should happen if a certain button is clicked how should the site react to certain user behaviours. Brainstorming, mockups, wireframes and more planning - thats what phase 2 has to offer.

  • 3


    With the design and understanding in place, Snowbound rolls up the sleeves and starts putting the pieces together. We get it running and up to our standards and test it to make sure it holds up under pressure. User testing to work out the kinks and lots of coffee to keep the code rollin'.

  • 4


    AKA, the abandonment phase. A website is never finished, its an organic thing and requires some support to be successful. Snowbound Studios can provide continued support with training, maintenance and updates as needed.

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