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The most important thing we do at Snowbound is solve problems. There's nothing better than creating a solution that fits perfectly with a client's needs. To accomplish this we listen to you and do our best to understand your goals.

Whether you need leaders or collaborators, Snowbound Studios will do its best to deliver the quality solution you are looking for. We are happy to consult on all sizes and types of projects and always willing to discuss your ideas.



I'm a huge fan of aviator sunglasses and geography, preferably at the same time. This is me in front of Horseshoe Canyon in the Badlands, Alberta.

Hey there, I'm Gerry. I started Snowbound in 2009, but my web experience goes back to 2003. Right now there's just me, but we're young yet and have some growing to do.

Bachelor of Arts = Programmer / Web developer. . . Huh?
No one was more surprised than me. My education is in Geography and History, two topics that I still find deeply interesting. How does this make me suitable for web development? Well these days when you look at bios of web professionals you see fine arts, philosophy, or some other liberal education as often as an IT background.

The life of an entrepreneurial web geek requires a person who likes to learn, has a creative streak and wants to solve problems. These are traits you don't learn in school - well I didn't anyway.

My mission with Snowbound Studios is simple. I want to work with people, talk to them, and help them realize their goals while continuing to foster my own personal and professional growth and development.

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